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Turning Paige's Islamic Learning Center Owner Wins $4.1 Million Police Brutality Verdict

A Philadelphia jury has awarded $4.1 million to Paige Goodin, a child-care center operator in West Philadelphia, for an incident that occurred during the 2020 civil unrest following Walter Wallace Jr.'s death. Goodin was outside her business, Turning Paige's Islamic Learning Center, to protect it when she was allegedly assaulted by police.

At that time, Paige Goodin, a 30-year-old college-educated Muslim woman, operated two child-care centers offering Islam-based care for children from various religious backgrounds, her attorney, Kevin V. Mincey of Mincey, Fitzpatrick, Ross, LLC, stated. He also noted that parts of the incident were recorded on police body cameras.

"She was exactly the type of person, the type of business owner, they were supposed to be out there protecting," Mincey said. "Instead of helping her, they assaulted her, battered her, and caused her such injury that she could no longer work at that location."

Despite identifying herself and not participating in the protests, she claims she was forced away and hit with a baton by Officer Johangelie Thomas Estrada, resulting in injuries requiring stitches. Officer Christopher Fountas then handcuffed her and detained her in a van without medical attention; however, she was not charged with any crime.

Goodin, who was 30 at the time, is educated and runs centers providing Islam-based care. Her attorney stated that the assault prevented her from continuing to work at that location. The city is considering an appeal against what it considers an excessive verdict. Goodin still experiences post-traumatic stress from the incident. 

The awarded damages include $4 million for lost income and $100,000 in punitive damages against the two officers, who are still employed by the city. An Internal Affairs investigation found excessive force was used and necessary paperwork was not completed by the officers.

Link: Inquirer


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