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LAPD Police Officer Shoots & Kill Man With Plastic Fork 

#LosAngeles Police Department Chief Michel Moore expressed concerns after reviewing body-worn camera footage of an officer shooting and killing 36-year-old Jason Lee Maccani, who charged at officers with a plastic fork near #SkidRow

The incident occurred after officers were called to a warehouse where Maccani was allegedly threatening employees. Despite efforts to de-escalate, officers believed Maccani posed a threat with what they thought was a knife and used a 40mm projectile launcher and a beanbag shotgun. 

Maccani was fatally shot despite appearing unaffected by the initial attempts. The incident has raised questions about police training in discerning threats and the use of less lethal weapons. Some commissioners expressed concern over the officers' actions, especially given the object Maccani was holding. 

The incident has sparked social media backlash and calls for alternative responses to certain emergencies, highlighting ongoing debates about police use of force, particularly involving individuals armed with seemingly non-lethal objects.

Maccani's death, stemming from an encounter where he wielded a plastic fork, epitomizes the disproportionate and lethal response often employed by police, especially in marginalized communities like Skid Row.

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Link: LATimes 


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