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Black Door-To-Door Salesman Shot By White Man & Called Racial Slur 

In Fort Worth, a door-to-door salesman narrowly escaped injury when a homeowner shot at him during a routine sales visit. The salesman, who prefers to remain anonymous, recounted the terrifying encounter, stating that the bullet aimed at him was stopped by his work tablet, saving his life. The assailant reportedly shouted racial slurs before firing the shot. 

"He just came out and just straight pointed the barrel at me and then shot me and told me to get away from here n****. I'm lucky it didn't hit me it hit the tablet," the unidentified man recalled, adding he usually wears the tablet by his side.

Despite being shaken, the salesman managed to flee and alert the authorities. #FortWorth #police have issued an arrest warrant for the homeowner, who may face charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and hate crime charges. The salesman, expressing relief at surviving the incident, emphasized the potential consequences and danger posed by such reckless acts, particularly given his responsibilities and family obligations.

We condemn this act of hate and violence, and we must also confront the broader systems of oppression that perpetuate such injustices. True justice requires not only holding the assailant accountable but also dismantling the structures of racism and inequality that enable and condone such acts.

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