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21-Year-Old Black Woman Opens Homeless Shelter In Downtown Los Angeles

In a departure from the typical 21st birthday festivities, a young woman in #LosAngeles chose to mark her milestone by making a meaningful impact. Miriam Haregot, upon reaching the age of 21, opted for a purpose-driven celebration, foregoing the allure of Las Vegas or other conventional choices. Instead, she embarked on a mission to renovate and establish a homeless shelter.

Haregot expressed her motivation, stating, "It feels good to be able to provide people a sense of humanity because the world just lacks it, you know, so much so. It's good to be the change you want to see." After successfully completing the shelter's renovation, she initiated the P.A.C.K. Project, an acronym for People Advocating Community Kinship.

Comprising entrepreneurs, creatives, and young individuals from South Central, the P.A.C.K. Project has a clear mission: to offer food, housing, and educational programs to the homeless and at-promise youth. Haregot shared with FOX 11 that their outreach extends to Skid Row, where they organize a monthly initiative called "Feed The Homies," providing hot meals to the homeless population.

Mayors gathered in Los Angeles for a two-day conference to address the homelessness crisis, seeking a national strategy and increased federal support most recently. Led by Mayor #KarenBass, the U.S. Conference of Mayors emphasized the urgency of providing housing and support services. Mayors, including Hillary Schieve of Reno, stressed the multifaceted nature of the crisis, encompassing mental health and addiction.

They advocated for federal action, highlighting the need for 7 million affordable housing units and addressing the loss of 10,000-15,000 units daily. The mayors plan a January trip to Washington, D.C., urging increased housing vouchers, eviction protections, and emergency rental assistance.

They emphasized collaboration and learning from successful initiatives, citing Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's achievements in reducing homelessness. The conference included visits to #SkidRow and a supportive housing village to understand the crisis's magnitude and successful interventions.

In a world that often prioritizes self-indulgence and fleeting pleasures, we congratulate Miriam Haregot's selfless act of opening a homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles, which is a shining example of the change we can create.

Link: FoxLA


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