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$20,000 to T.E.E.S. for shelter relief, food, basic needs and PPE

Updated: May 21, 2020

Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success Goal Is To Empower Our Youth To Become Self-Sufficient Shareholders In The Economic And Social Fabric Of Their Communities. The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has brought massive disruptions to Americans’ economic lives.

The people feeling those disruptions most viscerally include the millions of U.S. workers left jobless by shuttered restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, plummeting air and rail travel, and emptied museums, casinos, nightclubs, lounges, and sports venues.

Florida has emerged as one of the slowest states in the nation to process an avalanche of unemployment claims since the coronavirus hit.

T.E.E.S. has established the Community First Fund to directly combat these inequities and provide direct support of those in need.

Shelter Relief, Food, Basic Needs and PPE:

Total Grant Amount to T.E.E.S: $20,000

The Grant Funds will be used to support 10 South Florida Families (up to $2,000 each). Funds will be used to cover rent/mortgage payment (paid directly to their landlord and/or mortgage company) If the individual or family's rent or mortgage is less than $2,000, the leftover funds will be used to purchase grocery gift cards and health & wellness package if they're lacking sufficient personal protective items (masks, gloves, sanitizer, etc.)

  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance: Pay a month or more direct to landlord/lender on behalf of the tenant up to $2,000.00

  • Food Assistance: Provide grocery store gift cards to assist families with keeping food on the table.

  • Health & Wellness Kits: Provide personal protective masks, hand sanitizer, soap and other hygienic items.

To learn more and support, please visit:


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