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$20,000 Grant to Friends of Island Academy in NY for food, PPE, education to formerly incarcerated.

Friends of Island Academy (Friends) is a non-profit that supports and brings opportunity to youth during and after their time in New York City jails. In 1990 Friends of Island Academy became a pioneer in youth reentry. The concept to create the organization was developed inside one jail, on the school floors of Rikers Island – known then as Island Academy – to address recidivism rates, untapped potential, and disproportionate confinement of young people of color among the thousands of adolescents who attend school on Rikers Island each year.

Friends of Island Academy derives its resilience from the people we serve and the staff who support them to grow and thrive. Against the backdrop of this unprecedented public health crisis, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of those we serve. Friends’ City-wide locations are currently closed for activities — the staff and youth leaders are working remotely to keep the people they serve connected, supported and informed. Programming and services are continuing to operate remotely.

In response to COVID-19, The Friends of Island Academy established the Youth and Family Justice Emergency Fund which will help provide the critical, daily needs required by our young people and their families during this crisis.

Education, Food, Basic Needs + PPE to formerly incarcerated:

Total Grant Amount to Friends of Island Academy: $20,000

  • Food vouchers and meal drop-offs

  • Diapers, formula, medication

  • Educational resources

  • Hygiene kits

  • Pre-paid phones so families can stay connected

For more information or to find out how you can help, please visit


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