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Video shows Police Using Taser Gun On Migrant Holding Toddler 

New York City officials are investigating a troubling incident at a city-run shelter in #Queens where #police officers used force against a #Venezuelan migrant, Yanny Cordero, while he held his 1-year-old son. Video footage shows officers attempting to restrain Cordero, stunning him with a taser and punching him, while he clings to his child. 

“I never lifted my hand,” Mr. Cordero said. “I never told the police anything except not to touch my child.”

The confrontation escalated after a dispute with shelter staff, with Cordero and his wife, Andrea Parra, ultimately being charged and their children taken by the city's child welfare agency. Mayor Eric Adams defended the officers' actions, stating they were necessary due to Cordero's alleged violence, though Cordero denies this. 

“I feel very sad because my children went through something they should have never gone through,” Mr. Cordero said. “We’re poor, but we’ve raised them right to try to avoid these types of spectacles.”

This incident has raised questions about the handling of migrants in city shelters, which have faced increased scrutiny and restrictions. Cordero, who does not speak English, had returned to the shelter with food when a disagreement ensued over shelter policy. Witnesses corroborated Cordero's account of the events. 

While relieved to have their children back, Cordero and Parra expressed dismay over the trauma inflicted on their family. The investigation continues as concerns grow over the treatment of migrants in New York City's care.

Link: NYTimes


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