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Video Shows Female Officer Using Taser On Handcuffed Black Man

In Reform, #Alabama, a #police officer is currently on leave as authorities investigate a disturbing arrest caught on video over the weekend. The footage captures a white female officer from the Reform Police Department ordering a Black man, later identified as 24-year-old Micah Johnson, to stand up after he was already handcuffed in the roadway. Subsequently, she instructs him to lie face down on the front of a vehicle.

While going through the man's pockets, the officer discovers a gun, to which the man alerts her. Instead of de-escalating the situation, she laughs and deploys a stun gun directly into his back, commanding him to "shut the (expletive) up" as he screams in pain. The video concludes with the man in tears, repeatedly saying, "Oh my God," and the officer threatening to use the stun gun again.

Reform Police Chief Richard Black and Mayor Melody Davis have acknowledged the incident in a statement, describing it as a "citizen's arrest." They are cooperating with the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation for a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the arrest.

The video has garnered widespread attention after being shared thousands of times on social media. Meanwhile, Johnson faces multiple charges, including obstructing governmental operations, resisting arrest, marijuana possession, drug trafficking, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. In response to the incident, some of Johnson's friends and family staged a protest at the Reform municipal building. The local District Attorney, Andy Hamlin, is expected to provide more information about the case.

We are deeply troubled by this act of excessive force and disregard for human dignity. Such incidents highlight the entrenched issues of police brutality and racial bias that continue to plague communities across the country.


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