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Two Incidents Including Police Brutality & Fatal Crash Leads To Police Officer Investigation Of Paul Callegari Jr.

Paul Callegari Jr., an officer with the Mobile Police Department, was involved in two significant incidents within six months. He was caught on camera in October beating a handcuffed man, Beezer DuBose Jr., who had been stopped for dark-tinted windows. The altercation escalated when Callegari used profanity and taunting tactics, compromising his tactical advantage. 

This incident was investigated by former U.S. Attorney Kenyen Brown. Callegari claimed DuBose grabbed his groin, using this allegation as justification for the assault, although he did not seek medical attention until three days after the incident was publicized on social media.

Additionally, Callegari was involved in a fatal crash in March that resulted in the death of a 67-year-old motorcyclist, Robert Sayen. The crash occurred when Callegari, traveling at 56 mph in a 40 mph zone, collided with Sayen at an intersection. The traffic lights were flashing yellow for Callegari and red for Sayen at the time. 

Callegari's name was omitted from the official crash report, and he remains on administrative duty pending the investigation. Previously recognized as Officer of the Month in August 2020, Callegari had been commended for his proactive and professional conduct before these incidents. As Alabama Law Enforcement Agency investigates the two incidents, Callegari remains on administrative duty

Link: CBS42


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