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Trial Over Brett Hankison’s Involvement In The Death Of Breonna Taylor Ends In Mistrial

A mistrial has been declared in the case of former #Louisville #police officer Brett Hankison, accused of violating #BreonnaTaylor's civil rights during a botched 2020 raid that resulted in Taylor's death. The jury was deadlocked on both counts, leading to a mistrial. Hankison faced a potential life sentence for allegedly using excessive force by firing 10 shots into Taylor's window during the flawed drug warrant search. Although none of his shots struck anyone, Taylor was killed when officers returned fire after her boyfriend, fearing an intruder, shot toward the door.

Hankison was terminated from the Louisville Metro Police Department in June 2020. Federal prosecutors sought to convict him for actions on the night of Taylor's death after he was previously found not guilty in March 2022 on charges related to endangering Taylor's neighbors during the raid.

His trial was delayed from August to October for the defense to review substantial evidence provided by prosecutors. The jury selection process involved 44 potential jurors, who completed initial questionnaires and were further assessed on case-specific queries related to their awareness of the case, their perceptions of police, and their knowledge of the individuals involved. Notably, Hankison had been acquitted in a prior state criminal case involving three counts of wanton endangerment.

Additional former officers—Kyle Meany, Kelly Goodlett, and Joshua Jaynes—have also faced federal charges connected to Taylor's case. Investigations focused on the legitimacy of the search warrant for Taylor's home, alleging that false information in the warrant led to the tragic events of Taylor's death during the raid.

The mistrial raises the possibility of a retrial, leaving the case unresolved.

Breonna Taylor's death was a result of a flawed drug raid that exposed the dangers of no-knock warrants and the excessive use of force. We demand justice, transparency, and systemic change in policing practices to prevent such tragedies from recurring. Our hearts continue to be with the family of Breonna Taylor.

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Link: NBC News


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