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The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Is Sued By Families Of People Killed By Police

Five families, still awaiting information about their loved ones killed by the #police, are suing the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) in #Minnesota. They allege that the #BCA violated the state's data practices law by not providing information from completed use-of-force investigations within the required 10-day period. Some families claim they have waited for months, with Dolal Idd's family waiting nearly three years—the maximum allowed before the statute of limitations prevents wrongful death lawsuits.

Representatives from the BCA have not responded to requests for comment. The families, including those of Idd, Shogren, Sims, Sundberg, and Alsleben, gathered at the Ramsey County Courthouse to announce the lawsuit, describing the deep impact these deaths had on their lives. They are represented by the litigation unit of Communities United Against Police Brutality.

The families argue that the BCA's delays in providing information violate their rights and hinder their ability to seek justice. The lawsuit, possibly the first of its kind against the BCA, could have broader implications for data requests from families across the state dealing with similar situations.

Michelle Gross, President of Communities United Against Police Brutality, emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability, stating that families have a right to know what happened to their loved ones. The lawsuit seeks not only information but also attorney fees, reported losses, and "exemplary damages" if successful. The families hope the legal action brings closure to their ordeal, addressing the emotional impact and, in some cases, retrieving personal belongings still with the BCA.

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