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The Family Of Daryl Vance To File $50 Million Lawsuit Over Police-Involved Death

The family of Daryl Vance, a 70-year-old man who died following an altercation with former #Detroit #Police Officer Juwan Brown, has filed a $50 million federal lawsuit alleging police brutality. This incident, which occurred outside Detroit's Garden Bowl on September 1, led to Vance's death from blunt force trauma to his head 20 days later. Fieger Law represents the family, accusing Brown and Detroit Police Sgt. Jarmiare McEntire, along with the city of Detroit, of wrongdoing. 

"Officer Brown is clearly seen on video escalating the situation with Mr. Vance and without any justification punched Vance in the face causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement," James Harrington, vice president and managing partner at Fieger Law, said in a statement. "The fall caused irreparable and fatal brain damage. He also failed to provide any basic first aid when Vance laid on the ground not breathing."

Brown reportedly escalated the confrontation, punching Vance and causing him to fall and sustain fatal brain damage without just cause or providing aid. Furthermore, McEntire is accused of an illegal search of Vance's apartment the following day. Despite video evidence and charges of manslaughter against Brown, a judge found insufficient evidence for a trial, a decision the Wayne County prosecutors are appealing. 

The lawsuit details the confrontation, highlighting how Brown's actions, captured on body-worn camera, led to Vance's injuries and death. Detroit Corporation Counsel has not commented, adhering to the city's policy on pending litigation. 

We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.

Link: Detroit News 


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