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Students Protest Black High School Girl's Suspension After White Male Peer Attacked Her

Students at Shawnee Mission East High School in #Kansas are expressing dissatisfaction with the administration's handling of a recent altercation between a white male student and a Black female student. The incident, captured on camera, shows the male student using racial slurs and physically assaulting the Black student, who was identified as "Bre." The 15-year-old male student is facing charges for causing bodily harm, as he allegedly punched Bre, resulting in a broken nose. Both students were suspended.

Approximately 100 students staged a walkout in protest of Bre's five-day suspension, accusing the school of punishing the victim for defending herself against the assault. The male student, involved in a separate felony case from June, faces charges including aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and battery.

The altercation started when Bre was in an argument with two white female students about racial slurs and derogatory comments. The male student intervened, using racial slurs and physically assaulting Bre. The school issued a statement emphasizing the importance of a safe and supportive learning environment, condemning racially charged language.

However, students criticize the administration for failing to address systemic racism at the school and ignoring past incidents. They argue that there is a history of racism that is often downplayed and dismissed by officials, calling for meaningful change in the school's approach to such issues.

We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.

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