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State Trooper Sergeant Keely Will Be Charged For The Death Of Samuel Sterling 

In Lansing, Michigan, a state trooper has been charged in the death of 25-year-old Samuel Sterling, who was hit and killed by an unmarked Michigan State Police (MSP) cruiser on April 17. Sterling, wanted for several warrants, ran from troopers, leading to a chase and his death. 

The Michigan Department of Attorney General has charged 50-year-old Detective Sergeant Brian Keely with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Attorney General Dana Nessel stated that Keely's actions were grossly negligent and posed a high risk of death or harm.

"Detective Sergeant Keely's actions that day were legally, grossly negligent and created a very high risk of death or great bodily harm, which could have otherwise been prevented," Nessel said in a video announcing the charges. "Public integrity is a top priority for my Department and we remain committed to providing a thorough and just review and resolution in each case brought before us."

Keely's attorney, Marc E. Curtis, criticized the Attorney General for allegedly ignoring the facts due to political pressure. Curtis highlighted Keely's 25-year career, noting his awards for bravery and extensive experience without prior incidents. He argued that the unmarked vehicle used by Keely was equipped with emergency lights and a siren, commonly used in such operations. 

Curtis expressed that the incident was tragic but could have been avoided if Sterling had complied with commands or turned himself in. He emphasized Keely's faith and his broken-heartedness for the Sterling and Cage families, stating that they look forward to presenting their defense in court. An arraignment date for Keely in Kentwood's district court has not yet been set.

Link: Fox17


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