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State AG Rob Bonta To Enact Five-Year State Oversight Program

The ongoing crisis surrounding the #Vallejo #Police Department serves as a glaring testament to the urgent need for a radical transformation of our law enforcement systems. The recent viral TikTok video depicting the brutal treatment of a woman by a local police officer underscores a long-standing pattern of abuse of power. The reset of the "Days Without A Police Brutality Scandal" sign to zero serves as a grim reminder that superficial changes have failed to address the root causes of police violence.

The intervention by the California Department of Justice, under Attorney General Rob Bonta's directive, is a step towards accountability, but we must recognize that true justice cannot be achieved solely through oversight and supervision. The Vallejo PD's history of fatal shootings and alarming instances of excessive force reveals a deeply entrenched culture of violence that must be dismantled.

Bonta's program, announced recently, includes independent monitors and court supervision. The department will be required to implement 45 changes to reduce unreasonable use of force. Bonta emphasized that the agreement's primary goal is to rebuild trust between the Vallejo Police Department and the community, correct injustices, and enhance public safety while upholding civil and constitutional rights.

While Bonta's program includes important measures such as independent monitors and court supervision, we must move beyond mere change to embrace a vision of abolition. The proposed changes are undoubtedly a positive step, but we must go further in reimagining public safety without reliance on institutions that have consistently failed marginalized communities. Our primary goal should be to completely redefine the relationship between the police and the community, prioritizing justice, equity, and the protection of civil and constitutional rights.

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