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Sgt. Clay Hilton Placed On Leave After Beating 62-year-old Driver Who Pulled Over To Sleep

A sheriff's deputy in Washington state, Sgt. Clay Hilton, has been placed on administrative leave following accusations of excessive force. The incident occurred almost two months ago when driver Kevin Hinton, a 62-year-old man, was allegedly beaten by Sgt. Hilton during an arrest.

Hinton, who had been on a long road trip to visit his newborn grandchild, stopped to rest in his car at a local park. After being approached by Sgt. Hilton for being in the park after hours, Hinton offered to move his car, but the situation escalated. Body cam footage revealed Hilton warning Hinton that he would get hurt, and the encounter ultimately resulted in Hinton sustaining severe injuries, including broken ribs, a punctured lung, memory loss, and disfigured lips. Hilton's actions led to Hinton's medical bills exceeding $100,000.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has placed Sgt. Hilton on administrative leave, and both the Spokane Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations are investigating the matter. Hinton initially faced charges of resisting arrest and obstructing a police officer, but these were dropped after his attorney presented the body cam footage to prosecutors.

Hinton's attorney, Tim Note, intends to file an excessive force lawsuit to hold Hilton accountable and highlight alleged abusive behavior within the police force. Tim Note seeks Hilton's removal from law enforcement, potential federal prosecution, and punitive damages. The case has raised concerns about law enforcement conduct and the need for reform in the justice system.

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Link: USA Today


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