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Republican Women’s Club subjected diners to Breonna Taylor shooting video in a Kentucky restaurant

According to NBC News, the Republican Women's Club of South Central Kentucky held an event at a restaurant with John Mattingly as its guest, who was invited to talk about “his side” of the Breonna Taylor shooting. To the shock and disgust of restaurant patrons unaffiliated with the event, Mattingly's talk involved him playing the body camera footage of her death.

Mattingly, now an author and conservative speaker, was invited to the Bowling Green Country Club to speak about his book, "12 Seconds In The Dark: Police Officers' Firsthand Accounts Of The Breonna Taylor Raid.” The group told Spectrum News Louisville they believed Mattingly had the right to discuss the Breonna Taylor raid even though it was “controversial.”

There are reports that patrons at the country club's restaurant, Anna's Greek Restaurant, were suddenly interrupted during their meals by the sounds and sights of that fatal SWAT raid that killed Breonna Taylor.

The audio was played through the restaurant speakers.

The Bowling Green-Warrren County Branch of NAACP released a statement condemning the event as "beyond reprehensible" for exposing patrons of color and children to the graphic nature of this incident.

Aside from lacking the decency to arrange a private room, the restaurant also agreed to play the sounds of someone getting killed upon Mattingly's request.

The extent to which this women's club and restaurant supported an ex-cop’s self-defense testimony of his experience of Breonna Taylor is deplorable and inexcusable.

Source: The Root

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