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Republican Lawmakers Introduced Or Passed More Than 100 Anti DEI Bills In Over 30 States 

Republican lawmakers in over 30 states have introduced or passed more than 100 bills aimed at regulating diversity, equity, and inclusion (#DEI) initiatives in various sectors. This legislative push comes in response to a surge in efforts to promote racial and social inclusivity following the murder of #GeorgeFloyd and subsequent protests. Conservative media, politicians, and influencers have mobilized against DEI efforts, labeling them divisive and unconstitutional.

Several states, including Florida, Texas, and Utah, have enacted bans on DEI initiatives in higher education and public offices. For instance, Florida's Board of Education has prohibited the use of state and federal funds for DEI initiatives in public colleges. Similarly, Texas mandated the closure of DEI offices in state-funded colleges and universities.

Critics of DEI initiatives argue that they promote "white guilt" and undermine unity among Americans. These efforts are part of a broader conservative backlash against perceived "wokeness" and initiatives like Black Lives Matter. Some lawmakers, like Arizona state Sen. Anthony Kern, have proposed bills to restrict public spending on DEI, citing concerns about political activism in educational institutions.

In response, civil rights groups and advocates have formed coalitions to defend DEI initiatives in businesses and counter the attacks. They urge businesses to remain steadfast in their commitment to diversity and inclusion, despite political pressure.

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Link: NBCNews


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