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Report On Cancer Alley Finds Preterm Births Are More Than Twice The National Average While Having Highest Pollution-Related Cancer Rates In The Country

A new report by Human Rights Watch exposes the dire consequences of fossil fuel projects in #Louisiana's #Cancer Alley, an 85-mile stretch plagued by fossil fuel and petrochemical plants from #BatonRouge to New Orleans. The report reveals that newborns in this area face low birth weights at more than three times the national average, and preterm birth rates are double the national average, leading to long-term health issues, including respiratory illnesses, cognitive problems, and cancer. 

These problems disproportionately affect predominantly Black communities living in Cancer Alley, where residents endure the highest pollution-related cancer rates in the country.

Authored by journalist Antonia Juhasz, the report asserts that #Louisiana residents suffer from the most toxic pollution in the #UnitedStates, resulting from a lack of proper regulation and enforcement. The findings emphasize the urgent need to reduce immediate harm while advocating for a long-term industry phase-out. 

The report's significance lies in being the first Human Rights Watch investigation into the #humanrights violations tied to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industry in the United States, specifically in the Gulf Coast. We are witnessing severe pollution, regulatory failures, and health disparities experienced by communities in Cancer Alley urging to transition to cleaner energy sources and stricter regulations to protect residents' rights and well-being.

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