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Quebec Jail Violated Human Rights By Leaving Black Man Left Naked In Cell For Hours

#Quebec's #humanrights tribunal has determined that the brutal treatment of a Black inmate, Samuel Toussaint, at the Centre de détention de Québec was indicative of racial profiling. Judge Christian Brunelle's decision, issued on Nov. 3, highlighted how guards violated Toussaint's rights by subjecting him to unusual and discriminatory treatment. The incident occurred in December 2016 when Toussaint, 21 at the time, was serving an intermittent 82-day sentence after an assault conviction.

Toussaint, accused of flicking a cigarette at a guard, faced disproportionate actions, including being left naked and wet in a cell without a mattress. The judge ordered then-acting head Kevin Leclerc, several guards, and the provincial government to pay $41,500 in damages. Leclerc was held to an additional level of responsibility.

The ruling emphasized the absence of racial profiling training for jail guards and mandated the Public Safety Department to develop an anti-profiling plan and train all staff accordingly. Despite the government's argument that Toussaint's treatment followed normal procedures, video evidence contradicted claims of aggression, leading the judge to conclude that Toussaint was racially profiled.

As a consequence of his traumatic treatment, Toussaint suffered mental health issues and was unable to complete his college semester. The Quebec government has not responded to requests for comment.

The traumatic experience endured by Mr. Toussaint, including being left naked and wet in a cell without a mattress, is a stark reminder of the systemic injustices that disproportionately affect Black individuals within our institutions.


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