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Probe Into Chicago's Police Department May Prove Ties To Racist Organizations Including Proud Boys

The #Chicago Police Department's interim commission unanimously recommended Inspector General Deborah Witzburg investigate officers linked to hate groups and far-right extremist organizations. This directive arrives amidst efforts to establish explicit rules prohibiting officer associations with such groups.

President Anthony Driver Jr. clarified that this decision wasn't a rebuke of CPD's Bureau of Internal Affairs or its chief but a crucial step in addressing the issue. Despite the Bureau investigating officers with extremist ties and suggesting no disciplinary action, the Inspector General's office holds the authority to scrutinize the department's response to these concerns.

Witzburg emphasized the severity of the issue, acknowledging the critical partnership with the commission and highlighting the necessity for rigorous police oversight.

Driver expressed the commission's action as vital to restoring public trust, given the city's history of police scandals and misconduct. #Police Superintendent Larry Snelling pledged to eliminate extremist-linked officers after extensive investigations, following media reports exposing ties of nine officers to the #OathKeepers group.

The commission aims to create a stringent policy forbidding officer affiliations with groups like the Oath Keepers and #ProudBoys. Scheduled for a vote soon, the policy intends to provide a clear framework to prevent such associations among city employees, aligning with calls for unambiguous regulations from organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Link: WTTW


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