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Police Officer Who Killed Jaahnavi Kandula With His Police Cruiser & Joked About It Won't Be Charged 

King County prosecutors announced that they won't pursue criminal charges against a #Seattle #police officer, Kevin Dave, involved in a fatal collision with #JaahnaviKandula, a 23-year-old graduate student. The incident occurred when Dave was responding to an overdose call in January 2023. During body cam footage following her murder, Dave joked that Kandula was of "limited value." Prosecutor Leesa Manion cited insufficient evidence to prove criminal wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt under state law.

The decision followed an extensive investigation, which revealed that Dave wasn't impaired or driving recklessly. Additionally, Kandula appeared distracted and stepped into the street without noticing the approaching police cruiser until it was too late. Despite criticisms and international attention, including demands for an investigation from Kandula's home country, #India, the prosecutors found no grounds for criminal charges against Dave.

This case prompted broader discussions about police emergency response policies and accountability. While the criminal investigation concluded, the Office of Police Accountability would review the incident for potential policy violations, and the City Attorney's Office might consider misdemeanor negligence charges against the officer. Meanwhile, Officer Daniel Auderer, who made controversial remarks downplaying Kandula's death, faced potential disciplinary action pending a decision from Police Chief Adrian Diaz.

The decision by King County prosecutors not to pursue criminal charges against Seattle police officer Kevin Dave in the tragic death of Jaahnavi Kandula has sparked outrage and renewed calls for police accountability. #AbolitionNow


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