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Police Officer Aaron Smith Who Shot & Killed Greg Gunn Is Released From Prison Following Plea Deal 

The state has granted early release to former #Montgomery #Police Department officer Aaron Cody Smith, who was convicted of manslaughter in the 2016 shooting death of resident Greg Gunn. Attorney General Steve Marshall facilitated a plea deal, resulting in Smith changing his plea to guilty and being released from prison based on time served. 

This decision has sparked controversy, with community activist William Boyd criticizing it as a failure of justice, particularly for Black lives. Boyd suggests that the case's transfer from District Attorney Daryl Bailey to Marshall was a political maneuver. Bailey expressed disappointment over Smith's early release, emphasizing that it's a privilege not usually granted to convicted killers. 

"I am happy that this convicted killer finally confessed to intentionally killing Greg Gunn," Bailey said in a statement. "If he had done that in 2016 it would have saved a lot of time and money. I am very disappointed that he is being released early, which is a privilege not afforded to most convicted killers."

Marshall defended his actions, citing doubts about the strength of the case but acknowledging his duty to uphold the conviction. Despite the case's journey through the legal system, Marshall believes Smith's guilty plea and release are a fair resolution after years of litigation. The decision has reignited debates about racial justice, police accountability, and the complexities of criminal justice.

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