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Plans For Memorial Honoring Victims Of Racist Mass Shooting At Buffalo Supermarket Unveiled 

The city of Buffalo, New York, will honor the 10 Black victims of a racist mass shooting with a memorial titled "Seeing Us," featuring stone pillars, arches, and a building for exhibitions. Designed by Jin Young Song and Douglass Alligood, the memorial marks the site of the 2022 attack at a Tops supermarket. 

New York State and Buffalo City have pledged $6 million toward the $15 million project, with a fundraising campaign covering the remainder. The memorial, chosen from 20 proposals by the 5/14 Memorial Commission, comes as the community nears the second anniversary of the tragedy that claimed the lives of nine shoppers and a retired police officer, while injuring three employees. 

Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the commitment to supporting the East Buffalo community and honoring the victims. The gunman, Payton Gendron, has been sentenced to life without parole and faces additional federal charges.

"As we approach the solemn two-year anniversary of when our neighbors were senselessly slaughtered solely because of the color of their skin, we rededicate ourselves in supporting the East Buffalo community, remembering those we lost, and supporting those who were injured," Hochul said.

A separate memorial and a moment of silence will also be observed by Tops Friendly Markets on the anniversary. Artists Valeria Cray and Hiram Cray contributed a sculpture called "Unity for the Honor Space," enhancing the memorial site with 10 granite bollards.

Link: NBCNews  


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