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Nicholas Buamah Gets 4th Book Published In The Library of Congress At 12-Years-Old 

12-year-old Nicholas Buamah, a prolific African American author, producer, and philanthropist, continues to amaze the literary world with the release of his 4th book, "The Sky Is Not The Limit." This achievement cements his status as one of the youngest writers with multiple works archived in the #LibraryofCongress. Nicholas aims to inspire his peers with positive affirmations, emphasizing the importance of breaking free from societal constraints. His passion for motivation extends to public speaking engagements, such as his recent keynote address at The DoSeum Dream Leader Award Ceremony.

Nicholas's journey began at 7 with his first bestselling book, and he has since ventured into television production with "Nick's House," a family-friendly show receiving international acclaim. With a distribution deal on the horizon, Nicholas seeks to fund additional episodes through book profits, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

His determination to surpass limits reflects in his motto, "The sky is not the limit." To support Nicholas's endeavors, his latest book is available on #Amazon, alongside previous publications. Nicholas's story resonates as a testament to youthful creativity and resilience, inspiring readers to reach for their own greatness.

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Link: BlackNews


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