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New Mexico Woman Fatally Injured Shortly After Rio Rancho Police Intervention at Her Residence

Sandoval County, one of #NewMexico's largest counties, has never utilized a law allowing police to confiscate firearms from individuals deemed an immediate threat, raising concerns about its potential life-saving impact. The revelation comes in the aftermath of the tragic killing of 82-year-old Juneanne Fannell in the city of Rio Rancho. Fannell's caretaker, Henry Cardana, called emergency services, stating Fannell was uncontrollable and in danger. During the 911 call, Fannell mentioned the presence of weapons in the home.

Responding officers engaged in a conversation with Cardana about the firearms but took no action. Fannell pleaded for them to stay, expressing fear for her safety. Hours later, a neighbor called 911 reporting that Cardana had killed Fannell. Legal experts argue that this incident could have triggered the implementation of the Extreme Risk Firearm Protection Order, a law enacted in July 2020, allowing #police to petition a court for the temporary seizure of firearms if there's a credible threat of harm.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that systemic change is imperative to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals, especially in situations involving vulnerable community members.

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Link: KOAT

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