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More than half of Black people searched by UK police felt humiliated, survey finds

According to an article from The Guardian, a recent poll shows that more than half of Black people in the United Kingdom feel humiliated and embarrassed after interactions with police. Additionally, almost 50% of Black people have a distrust in police, compared to 65% of white people.

Overall, 49% of people of all ethnic backgrounds don't trust law enforcement in the UK, having been subjected to an intrusive stop-and-search policy employed by the police. However, according to a survey by criminal justice thinktank Crest, Black people in the United Kingdom are seven times more likely to be targeted in these stops and searches, with no explanation from law enforcement.

Stafford Scott, director of the UK racial justice organization Tottenham Rights, says, "These statistics suggest that the searches are based on racist stereotypes rather than intelligent policing. The police have, through their institutionally racist practices, lost all credibility and legitimacy when it comes to black communities in the UK, particularly in London."

The mode of operation habitually used by law enforcement involves unnecessary invasion of privacy, intimidation, and violence against Black and brown communities worldwide. We can combat the institutional racism upon which law enforcement is built by exposing the stark disparities in their policies and procedures.


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