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Mistaken Identity Leads To 14-Year-Old With Autism Being Tased By Police 

In #Dolton #Illinois, 14-year-old #AvariusThompson, who has #autism, was tased by #police in a case that the family argues was mistaken identity. The incident occurred on November 20, 2023, when Dolton officers, aiding Riverdale police, were searching for suspects involved in a car theft and crash. Avarius matched the suspects' description and was pursued and tased by an officer, an event captured on body-camera footage. Despite Avarius' attempts to comply, the officer threatened further action if he moved. The teen's father, Eric Thompson, found the footage distressing, highlighting the confusion and fear his son experienced.

Avarius was wrongly identified as one of the suspects, but his family's attorney contends it was a mistaken identity case, exacerbated by the teen's autism and the officers' aggressive approach. Body-cam footage reveals doubts among officers about Avarius' involvement. The incident left Avarius with a fractured hip, bruising, and taser marks. He was hospitalized and then detained by Riverdale police but released the same day.

The Dolton village stated the incident is under investigation, seeking a comprehensive and transparent review. Avarius' parents are appalled, and their attorney is considering legal action. The case raises concerns about police treatment of vulnerable individuals and the repercussions of mistaken identity.

Mistaken identity cases like Avarius' highlight the life-altering consequences of such encounters. We stand in solidarity with Avarius and his family, demanding justice and accountability for this traumatic incident. We'll be following this story further as more information comes out.

Link: ABCNews 

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