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Minnesota Cop Accused Of Murdering Ricky Cobb Didn't Follow Police Protocol According To George Floyd Criminologist

#Minnesota State Patrol Trooper Ryan Londregan faces charges, including second-degree unintentional murder, in the death of Ricky Cobb II, an unarmed Black driver. Dr. Geoffrey Alpert, a criminologist, criticized Londregan's actions during the traffic stop, citing policy violations and excessive force based on video evidence. 

Alpert's analysis suggests that adherence to proper protocol could have prevented Cobb's death. The incident, captured on body and dashboard cameras, showed Cobb, 33, being shot after being pulled over for a lighting issue. Despite the absence of a visible weapon on Cobb, Londregan discharged his firearm, resulting in Cobb's death.

Civil rights attorney Bakari Sellers condemned the officers' lack of de-escalation efforts. While Londregan remains free without bond, awaiting trial, Cobb's family, supported by activists and organizations, demands accountability. Cobb was fatally shot by Londregan during a traffic stop, supposedly for a restraining order violation. 

The aftermath sparked protests and calls for justice, with Cobb's family pursuing legal actions. Cobb's mother, Fields-Miller, expresses profound grief and seeks accountability for her son's death. Londregan's charges are seen as a step toward justice for Cobb's family.

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Link: NewsOne


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