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McFarland Police Department Sparks Outrage Over Baton Beating Caught On Video

The McFarland #Police Department is facing scrutiny after a video surfaced on social media, showing officers beating a man with a baton during an arrest. The incident occurred when officers responded to reports of reckless driving near Lake Woollomes. The situation escalated as drivers moved to a #Walmart parking lot, and some individuals allegedly engaged in vandalism and pointed a laser at a police helicopter.

Later, a fight broke out at a #McDonald's, resulting in officers attempting to detain those involved. Two suspects, identified as Francisco Joaquin and his girlfriend Anjanette Garcia, reportedly resisted arrest. A video captured an officer using a baton on Joaquin, who was subsequently arrested on firearms charges after a loaded semi-automatic firearm with an illegal extended magazine was found in his possession.

Joaquin's family claims excessive force was used, while the incident raises concerns about community trust in the #McFarland Police Department. The department asserts the use of less-than-lethal weapons and control techniques during the arrest. The aftermath of this incident is expected to have repercussions reminiscent of previous cases that gained public attention, with Joaquin scheduled to appear in court for his arraignment.

We'll continue to follow this story as more information comes out.

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