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Lamar Johnson Sues St. Louis Police After Spending Nearly 28 Years In Prison On Wrongful Conviction

#LamarJohnson, a #Missouri man who spent almost 28 years in prison before being exonerated, has filed a lawsuit against the city of #StLouis and eight police officers. The lawsuit alleges that Johnson was wrongfully convicted and that police officers detained, arrested, and framed him for a murder he did not commit. Johnson is seeking unspecified damages through the lawsuit.

After his release, Johnson expressed his gratitude for his freedom and stated that he is trying to make up for the lost time with his family. However, he also emphasized the need for answers and accountability in his case.

Johnson's attorney, Emma Freudenberger, explained that the lawsuit aims to hold the city and police officers accountable for their actions. Despite being declared innocent by the court, there has been no apology or consequences for the misconduct that led to Johnson's wrongful conviction, according to Freudenberger.

The case revolves around the murder of Marcus Boyd in 1994, for which Johnson was convicted. However, new evidence and witness testimonies emerged, leading to doubts about his guilt. St. Louis Circuit Judge David Mason ruled in February that Johnson's conviction was wrongful, leading to his release.

This lawsuit represents Johnson's pursuit of justice and accountability for the years he spent wrongfully imprisoned.

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Link: AP News  


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