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KYRC 2023 Wrapped

Since Know Your Rights Camp launched, we have been committed to elevating the freedom and prosperity of Black and Brown communities. We have worked diligently to establish innovative systems that uplift the upcoming generation of transformative leaders by fostering education, self-empowerment, and widespread mobilization. Last year saw the return of our in-person Camps following a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2023 was a purposeful expansion in reaching the hearts and minds of children. In mid-February, we held a Camp at the BeeHive in South Los Angeles, featuring a day's worth of joy, learning, and community-building. By the end of the year, we reached our eleventh Camp in Houston at the Legacy School of Sports Sciences. From learning about tech careers to understanding our history, the youth in attendance were left with the tools to develop future leaders.

KYRC also celebrated the year anniversary of our Autopsy Initiative. Since its inception, we've delivered over 60 free secondary autopsies to families of victims who have lost their loved ones in police-related deaths.  Services provided by our Initiative encompass conducting a thorough second autopsy, sharing initial findings, and delivering the conclusive autopsy report at no cost to the affected families. Through the KYRC Autopsy Initiative, we have not only been able to provide closure for the families of victims but another chance at justice for them as well.

Regarding our multifaceted commitment to social justice, community empowerment, and environmental consciousness, KYRC supported various organizations in 2023. KYRC collaborated with and community organizations, reflects a holistic approach to systemic oppression. The donation of Toyota Mirai hydrogen EVs to environmental pioneers aligns with their mission and signifies a collective effort towards a cleaner, sustainable, and fairer future. Partnerships with organizations like Black Women Lead and Project Knucklehead underscore and celebrate the important work being done in our communities. Read more here

Expanding our reach further globally, KYRC funded a Back-To-School Giveaway in the Dominican Republic. The initiative, led by KYRC volunteer Mariela, overcoming barriers to education, equipped children in Moca Province and Montellano, Puerto Plata, with essential supplies. The giveaway, featuring Nike backpacks and Beats headphones, reflects KYRC's growing commitment to empowering children in regions facing educational challenges, with anticipation for more opportunities to make a lasting difference.

Rounding things out, we collaborated with 100 Suits for a Back-To-School rally at MS 355 Collaborative Arts School in Queens, New York. Upholding KYRC's ninth point – "You have the right to be educated" – the event went beyond essentials, offering students an enriching atmosphere with free haircuts, suits, manicures, backpacks, and lunch. KYRC co-founder Nessa partnered with Kevin Levingston from 100 Suits to create vibrant spaces that provide necessities and foster opportunity and support for Black and Brown children as they embark on a new school year.

Creating equally thought-provoking and entertaining content, we also launched the KYRC Podcast! The first few dozen episodes will revolve around Camps done in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Houston, aiming to deliver more weekly episodes from our KYRC studios.

We teamed up with Ben & Jerry’s to spread the word about the harmful impact of book bans and get banned books back in the hands of readers across the state of Florida. Learn more

Finally, we launched our KYRC mobile app as the ultimate tool for engaged activism, empowerment, knowledge, and converging community. Available for Android and iOS, the FREE app feature includes a comprehensive compendium, organized by state, detailing civil rights during protests and traffic stops—a result of our collaboration with White & Case LLP. This invaluable resource lets users easily compare rights across states, offering crucial guidance in diverse jurisdictions. But that's not all – expect immediate access to the KYRC podcast, information on Autopsy and Legal initiatives, exclusive content about nationwide KYRC initiatives, donation links, and more.

In closing out the remarkable year 2023 for us here at KYRC, we reflect on a journey defined by commitment, empowerment, and transformative impact. As we head into the new year, KYRC stands as a beacon of transformative change, inspiring hope and progress for the years to come.


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