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KYRC Empowers The Community With Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs

At KYRC, our commitment to addressing systemic oppression is evident through our actions. We prioritize community well-being and environmental consciousness in our efforts. As part of a Los Angeles based program, we have joined forces with Energy Independence Now and Valley CAN to provide two generously donated Toyota Mirai hydrogen EVs to our local partners. These vehicles support their organizations' incredible work that has been instrumental in creating a cleaner, more sustainable, and equitable future for all. Hydrogen Fuel Cell EVs offer unique advantages such as rapid refueling times (5 minutes!) and communal access to zero-emission fueling, ensuring that nobody is left behind in California's ambitious plan to transition to 100% zero-emission new car sales. We deeply appreciate all our partners whose invaluable contributions have made this journey possible. Congratulations to the receiving partners. Thank you: Valley CAN Energy Independence Now Black Women Lead Project Knucklehead


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