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Killings By Police Reached Record High In 2023 According To Reports

In #2023, U.S. #police killed a record 1,232 people, marking the deadliest year for police #homicides in over a decade, according to Mapping Police Violence. Obviously, this data is no surprise to our community; however, this represents an increase from previous years, continuing a pattern of about three daily killings by police. High-profile cases included #TyreNichols and #KeenanAnderson. The data reveals a 13% decrease in overall homicides, contrasting with the rise in police killings, suggesting a systemic crisis in police violence.

Significant findings include the disproportionate impact on Black, Native American, and Latino communities. Black individuals were killed at 2.6 times the rate of white individuals. Additionally, many killings involved people fleeing from police, highlighting ongoing issues in police responses to various situations, including non-violent offenses.

Rural areas and sheriff's departments saw an increase in police killings, with rural killings surpassing urban ones for the first time. #NewMexico, and particularly #Albuquerque, had the highest per capita police killings.

Despite this rise in police violence, few officers face charges, with only 2% of cases from 2013 to 2022 resulting in charges. This lack of accountability perpetuates the issue, alongside the expansion of police forces and budgets in response to perceived increases in crime.

Some cities, however, have seen improvements. Initiatives like civilian responders to #mentalhealth calls have shown promise in reducing police-related fatalities. This indicates potential for reform and the effectiveness of community-based violence prevention programs.

We cannot ignore the profound systemic crisis in police violence that disproportionately affects Black, Native American, and Latino communities. This surge in fatalities, combined with the glaring lack of accountability for officers, is a grave injustice that demands our attention and action.


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