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Judge Reinstates Murder & Other Charges Against Officer Mark Dial For The Murder Of Eddie Irizarry

#Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial is facing reinstated charges, including murder for the shooting death of 27-year-old #EddieIrizarry during a traffic stop last August. A municipal court judge had dismissed seven charges against Officer Dial; however, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office refiled them, leading to a recent hearing where state Judge Lillian Ransom reinstated the charges.

The incident began when Dial and his partner followed Irizarry's car, which was driving erratically. Surveillance footage revealed that the officers did not use their sirens or lights and approached Irizarry without warning. Dial exited his patrol vehicle and, within seconds, opened fire, believing Irizarry had a weapon in the car.

This decision to reinstate the charges was met with cheers from Irizarry's family, who have been seeking justice for his killing. Dial's defense expressed disappointment with the ruling and is considering a motion to move the case out of Philadelphia but expressed their eagerness to go to trial.

Eddie Irizarry's family believed there may have been a language barrier between him and the officers as he did not speak English well. Initially, the police claimed that Irizarry had "lunged at the officers" but later admitted this was not the case. Body camera footage contradicted their initial reports, and the prosecution argued that Dial approached Irizarry's vehicle with his gun already drawn, making first-degree murder charges appropriate.

Irizarry's family has filed a lawsuit seeking damages, saying that he posed no threat to anyone during the incident.

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Link: CNN


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