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Judge dismisses Attempt To Drop Charges Against Former District Attorney Implicated In The Aftermath

A #Savannah, #Georgia judge has rejected the attempt to dismiss misconduct charges against former District Attorney Jackie Johnson. Johnson is accused of obstructing the investigation into the 2020 killing of #AhmaudArbery, a young Black man pursued and shot by white men while running in their neighborhood.

The fatal incident led to murder charges against Greg and Travis McMichael, with William "Roddie" Bryan recording the killing. Johnson, who was the top prosecutor in Glynn County at the time, faces a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor for hindering a law enforcement investigation.

This ruling comes 20 months after Johnson's defense argued for dismissal, citing a lack of evidence. Prosecutors countered with evidence of 16 calls between Johnson and Greg McMichael in the days and weeks after the shooting, challenging the claim of no wrongdoing. Johnson, who lost reelection in 2020 amid controversy over her handling of Arbery's case, pleaded not guilty and maintains she recused herself promptly due to McMichael's previous employment.

The legal proceedings against Johnson have moved slowly, further hindered by one of her defense attorneys representing rapper #YoungThug in a lengthy racketeering trial. While Johnson's case has stalled, Arbery's killers, the McMichaels and Bryan, were convicted and sentenced in state and federal courts for murder and hate crimes. The judge's refusal to dismiss charges sets the stage for a continuation of legal proceedings against Johnson, whose indictment alleges misuse of her office to shield the McMichaels from arrest after Arbery's death.

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Link: AP News


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