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Journal of the American of Medical Association Study Shows Almost 65,000 Rape-Related Pregnancies In States With Abortion Bans

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association estimates 65,000 rape-related pregnancies in 14 states with post-Dobbs abortion bans. The study, analyzing federal data from July 2022 to January 2024, calculated 519,981 rapes leading to 64,565 pregnancies. Only 8.7% of these pregnancies occurred in states where abortion bans have rape exceptions. 

The findings highlight the ineffectiveness of these exceptions in providing actual access to abortions for rape victims. #Texas had the highest estimated rape-related pregnancies (26,313), significantly surpassing others. 

This study, recognizing its reliance on CDC data and the challenges in accurately measuring stigmatized experiences like rape, still underscores the substantial discrepancy between the estimated rape-related pregnancies and the sparse legal abortions in these states.

Concerns are also raised regarding potential conflicts of interest, as two researchers, Samuel L. Dickman and Kari White, have affiliations with organizations supporting abortion access. Despite these considerations, the study emphasizes the stark reality of rape victims' restricted access to legal abortions in states with restrictive laws, even when exceptions are theoretically available.

The alarming number of rape-related pregnancies breaks our hearts as we stress the urgent need for comprehensive reproductive rights and access to safe and legal abortion care. It's essential to defend reproductive rights and fight against policies that limit access to crucial healthcare for survivors of sexual assault.

Link: The Hill


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