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High School Enforces Another Suspension for Darryl George Over Locs Hairstyle

Barbers Hill High School in #Texas has reignited a controversy over its dress code policy as it sends Black student Darryl George back to in-school suspension for maintaining his locs hairstyle. George, 18, received a 13-day suspension on his first day back at school, having previously spent a month in an off-site disciplinary program.

This follows his initial removal from the classroom in August due to his braided locs allegedly violating the dress code by falling below his eyebrows and ear lobes. George's family contends that this punishment breaches the CROWN Act, recently enacted in #Texas to prohibit race-based hair discrimination.

Despite the family's formal complaint and a federal civil rights lawsuit, the school maintains that the CROWN Act does not address hair length. Barbers Hill Independent School District filed a lawsuit seeking clarity on whether its dress code, restricting boys' hair length, conflicts with the CROWN Act.

The family's requested exemption based on cultural and religious significance was denied. George, who has spent over 80% of his junior year outside the regular classroom, feels singled out, arguing that other boys at the school have longer hairstyles without facing similar consequences.

As tensions escalate, State Rep. Ron Reynolds plans to amend the law during the next session to explicitly address hair length, aiming to counter what he sees as the school district's bad faith actions in discriminating against African American students. Despite the ongoing legal battles, George's mother remains resolute, stating, "We do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. But we are not giving up."

Link: NBCNews

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