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Group Representing Descendants Of Enslaved Black American Call To Have Property Taxes Waived 

A group in #Chicago, Reconstruction Era Reparations Act Now (RERAN), is advocating for the waiver of property taxes for descendants of enslaved Black people in the city. The initiative aims to address the historical injustice of slavery, which hindered the accumulation of generational wealth for Black communities. 

RERAN plans to gather 400,000 signatures by May 6 to put the proposal on the November ballot, utilizing census data to identify eligible individuals. They argue that this measure would prevent further displacement of Black residents and help rectify the systemic inequities perpetuated by slavery. 

"We have a problem, where our Black citizens in Chicago are being kicked or forced out of Chicago, and they are going to the southern states to live comfortably," RERAN, founder Howard Ray Jr. said.

The push for reparations follows Evanston's precedent-setting reparations program, which provides $25,000 to residents with enslaved ancestors for home improvements or mortgage assistance. RERAN's proposal highlights the disparities in homeownership rates, with just 35% of Black residents owning homes in Chicago, the lowest among racial groups. Supporters assert that addressing these disparities is crucial to fostering social inclusion and rectifying historical injustices.

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