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Former Police Officer Justin Stetson Gets 2 Years Of Probation For Assaulting Jaleel Stallings

In #Minneapolis, a former police officer, Justin Stetson, faced his sentencing concerning an incident during the 2020 unrest following the #GeorgeFloyd murder. Stetson had previously admitted guilt in May to third-degree assault and police officer misconduct. As part of his plea bargain, his sentence was deferred for two years subject to various conditions, notably prohibiting him from seeking employment as a police officer.

The case revolved around Stetson's actions against Jaleel Stallings, where a criminal complaint documented Stetson repeatedly kicking, punching, and slamming Stallings' head after a confrontation involving rubber and live rounds. Stallings, realizing the shooters were law enforcement, dropped his weapon and lay on the ground, only to be assaulted by Stetson at that vulnerable moment.

Stetson's stipulated conditions include a written apology to Stallings, mandatory participation in anger management classes, and a strict prohibition on firearm possession or use. Stallings had faced charges but was later acquitted, receiving a $1.5 million settlement from Minneapolis. Stallings voiced his discontent with Stetson's plea agreement, expressing to local outlet WCCO in May that he believed it was excessively lenient, providing an easy way out for Stetson.

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