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Former Gary, Indiana Cop Terry Peck Sentenced To One Year In Prison For Beating Handcuffed Man

A former Gary police officer, Terry Peck, has been sentenced to one year and a day in federal prison for using excessive force during a 2019 traffic stop and arrest. Peck pleaded guilty to violating the #civilrights of the arrestee, acknowledging that he had slammed the driver's face and head against a #police vehicle after handcuffing him during the March 19, 2019, incident. The victim suffered a broken tooth and bodily injuries despite not posing a threat to Peck or others.

Peck's actions, which included striking the occupied dwelling numerous times during the arrest, were deemed a violation of the victim's right to be free from excessive force by Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. After serving his prison term, Peck will spend an additional year on supervised release.

U.S. Attorney Clifford D. Johnson emphasized that police officers are obligated to conduct themselves within the limits of the Constitution, even when interacting with individuals who may have engaged in criminal activity.

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Link: NWI Times


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