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Federal Judge Denies Request To Seal Video Evidence In Officer-Involved Shooting Death Of Timothy Randall 

A federal judge in Tyler, Texas, has denied a request to seal video evidence showing the deputy-involved shooting death of Timothy Randall. Judge John D. Love made the ruling against Rusk County attorney Lee Correa's request to seal the dashcam footage of Deputy Shane Iverson shooting Randall during a traffic stop. The Randall family's attorney, Joseph Oxman, argued against sealing the video, asserting it contradicts the self-defense narrative presented by authorities.

The Randall family's lawsuit claims Iverson shot Randall on September 14, 2022, while attempting to handcuff him without warning or justification. According to Oxman and Judge Love, the video reveals Randall was shot with a 9mm police handgun while turned away from the deputy. Oxman stated that the shot entered under Randall's arm exited through his chest, and destroyed his heart. Randall reportedly ran about 20 paces before collapsing and dying.

"Our position is that Timothy Randall was murdered by Iverson. Absolutely nothing within the reasonable police force continuum would allow an officer such as Iverson to shoot and kill Timothy Randall," Oxman said in a call on Monday after the judge's decision.

Sgt. Iverson was not indicted or charged by a Rusk County grand jury. The death report indicated Randall was unarmed at the time of the shooting, and Iverson fired his weapon from a "tactically compromised position" on the ground. In fall 2023, Randall's family filed a civil lawsuit alleging wrongful death and civil rights violations.

Oxman maintains that Randall's killing was unjustified and hopes the video's release will prompt federal authorities to re-examine the case and consider federal charges. He emphasized that nothing in the police force continuum justified Iverson's actions.

We'll continue to follow this story as more information comes out.

Link: KLTV


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