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Family of Joel Villegas Claims He Unjustly Shot In The Back & Killed By Tulare California PD

A family in Tulare, California is seeking justice for Joel Villegas who was shot and killed by Tulare police officers in April.

The incident unfolded when officers responded to a call about a man wielding a knife near Bardsley Avenue and Better Street. Joel, armed with a knife, fled from the officers, resulting in a pursuit. Officer-worn body camera footage revealed Officer Daniel Bradley urging Joel to drop the knife as he fled.

However, officers ultimately fired multiple shots, hitting Joel, who was running away. Attorney Joshua Henderson filed a claim against the city of Tulare and the officers involved, asserting that the shooting was not justified, as Joel posed no immediate threat to the officers or the public.

"It was clear that this was not a justified shooting. There was no threat to the officers or the public. It happened in an open space while he was running away. He was shot in the back," explained Joshua.

The Tulare Police Department has placed the involved officers, Daniel Bradley and Adan Barragan, on paid administrative leave while investigations by the California Department of Justice and the Tulare Police Department are ongoing.

We will be following this story for updates.

Link: ABC30


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