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Ex-Cop Who Made Man Lick Urine Off Jail Floor Pleads Guilty 

In #Jackson, #Mississippi, ex-police officer Michael Christian Green, 26, admitted guilt to a federal civil rights misdemeanor for coercing a detainee to lick urine from a jail cell floor. This event led to Green's dismissal from the Pearl Police Department shortly after security cameras captured the incident in Pearl, a Jackson suburb. 

The recorded abuse occurred when the victim, identified only by initials B.E., urinated in his cell corner after failing to gain Green's attention to use a bathroom. Green then forced B.E. to lick up the urine, even filming the act and warning the victim not to spit it out. The court documents, which didn't specify race, noted that Green is white and the victim is Latino.

“You’re fixin’ to go in there and you’re going to lick that p—— up,” Green said, according the court document. “Do you understand me?”

Pearl Mayor Jake Windham publicly denounced Green's actions, emphasizing the violation of #civilrights and the lack of any lawful justification for such treatment. The city initiated an investigation upon learning of the incident. Green, who had been with the Pearl #Police Department for six months after serving in other local police roles, faces a sentence of up to one year in prison and a $10,000 fine at his May 24 sentencing. 

He is also required to relinquish his #Mississippi police certification. This case highlights rare charges of police brutality in Mississippi, contrasting with previous instances of racially motivated assaults by law enforcement officers in the area.

The admission of guilt by former police officer Michael Christian Green for coercing a detainee to lick urine from a jail cell floor in Jackson, Mississippi, is another example of abuse of power within police institutions and the ongoing struggle to address racial injustice and violence perpetuated by police officers.

Link: AP


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