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Dollar General Location Where Racially Motivated Attack Killed Three Black People Reopens 

A #DollarGeneral store in #Jacksonville #Florida, where three Black people were killed in a racially motivated shooting last summer, has reopened. The shooting occurred on August 26, 2023, and the victims, #JerraldGallion, #AnoltLaguerreJr, and #AngelaCarr were memorialized outside the store with photos, flowers, and stuffed animals.

The store has made several changes, including installing a permanent plaque that reads "#JacksonvilleStrong" at the entrance. The reopening comes nearly five months after the tragic incident. Dollar General consulted with the community to make upgrades, and the store now offers a wider variety of fresh food items such as fruits, vegetables, pre-made salads, frozen vegetables, cold cuts, and milk.

However, the victims' families, represented by attorney Adam Finkel, filed a lawsuit against Dollar General over lax security at the store. Finkel argues that the lack of security was a contributing factor to the tragedy. He expressed concerns about the safety of the newly opened store and whether adequate security measures have been implemented.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office revealed that the shooter had sent racist writings to his family, federal law enforcement, and media outlets, expressing his hatred for Black people before the attack occurred. Dollar General did not address security measures in their news release but mentioned donating $2.5 million to charities and agencies in the Jacksonville area since the shooting.

Reopening the store has stirred emotional turmoil for the victims' families and raised questions about safety and security in the community. We'll continue to follow this story for future updates.

Link: NBCNews 


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