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'Disgusting' Racist Text Messages Leads To San Jose, CA Police Officer Mark McNamara Resigning

#SanJose police officer, Mark McNamara, has resigned after the department discovered racially biased text messages related to a 2022 shooting incident involving K'aun Green, a Black college football player. McNamara shot Green, who had disarmed a perpetrator during a taqueria fight, leaving Green severely injured.

McNamara's texts, uncovered during an unrelated investigation, contained racial slurs and derogatory remarks about the victim and his legal team. One message even read, "I hate Black people."

The San Jose #Police Department condemned the messages, prompting McNamara's resignation. Another employee implicated in the messages is on administrative leave pending an internal inquiry. Green, in his first public statement since the texts emerged, expressed shock and pain, sharing the impact on his physical and mental health.

"I'm still processing," Green, now 22, said on Sunday during a press conference, speaking publicly for the first time since the text messages were released. "I never thought somebody could just have that much hatred in their heart to where they would want to kill me just 'cause of what I look like."

He filed a federal lawsuit against McNamara, the SJPD, and the City of San Jose for excessive force. Green and his legal team demand accountability, seeking potential criminal charges against McNamara and access to all related text messages.

The SJPD denounced the messages, confirming McNamara's resignation and stressing the unacceptable nature of the behavior. The trial for the federal lawsuit is set for Spring 2024.

We cannot ignore the profound impact of such discriminatory behavior on individuals like K'aun Green and the broader community. McNamara's hateful and derogatory texts not only demonstrate the urgent need for #abolition but also highlight the pervasive racial bias that can have life-altering consequences.

Link: ABCNews


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