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Deputy Eddie Duran Fired For Wrongfully Entering The Apartment Of Senior Airman Roger Fortson & Fatally Shooting Him 

A Florida sheriff fired Deputy Eddie Duran for fatally shooting Senior Airman Roger Fortson, a Black airman, at his home. Fortson, holding a gun pointed to the ground, did not pose a threat, and the deputy's actions were deemed unjustified. The incident occurred on May 3 when Duran responded to a domestic violence call. Body camera footage shows Duran standing silently outside Fortson's door before pounding on it and eventually identifying himself as law enforcement. 

When Fortson opened the door with his gun at his side, Duran immediately fired, causing Fortson to fall. The sheriff's investigation concluded that Fortson did not act aggressively and the use of deadly force was unreasonable. Fortson was a distinguished airman with no criminal record. Duran, an Army veteran with a background in military intelligence and law enforcement, joined the sheriff's office in 2019, resigned in 2021, and rejoined 11 months ago.

Following the shooting, Duran expressed emotional distress, believing he was in danger. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting a criminal investigation. Okaloosa County NAACP President Sabu Williams commended the sheriff's decision but stressed the need for further action.

"We appreciate what the internal investigation has shown and what the sheriff has done to this point," president of the Okaloosa County NAACP Sabu Williams told The Associated Press. "We don't think this is the end of it, obviously. Some of us may have wanted things to happen a lot quicker, but I know due diligence has to take place," Williams said."

Link: AP News


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