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Delaware State Trooper Suspended Amid Claims Of Assaulting Teen After Playing Ding-Dong Ditch

A Delaware State Trooper has been suspended following allegations of assaulting a teenager, which went viral on social media. The incident revolved around a prank played by the teenager and his friends who engaged in ding-dong-ditch at the home of a Delaware State Trooper.

While the trooper was absent during the prank, family members informed him about it. The alleged victim's aunt detailed the events in a Facebook post, stating that the Ring camera footage showed the boys knocking on the trooper's door and then leaving.

As the boys were walking home, they were stopped by two state troopers, leading to their arrest. According to the aunt, the troopers severely assaulted her nephew, leading to several injuries. These include a concussion, severe eye damage requiring surgery, and numerous cuts and bruises. The aunt's post accused the state troopers of using excessive force.

The Delaware State Police learned about the incident through an internal review of body camera footage. This led promptly to an investigation involving the Department of Justice and the Office of Professional Responsibility. DSP is also investigating whether or not there was any "failure to intervene by other DSP personnel who were present at the time of the incident."

Link: CBSNews


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