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Civil Rights Activist Opal Lee Gifted With The Same Land Stolen From Her Family By Racist Mob In 1939

Opal Lee, a 97-year-old civil rights activist, has been gifted the land that her family was forced to leave 80 years ago due to a racist mob's actions in #FortWorth, #Texas. The generous gift comes from Habitat for Humanity, an organization that builds affordable housing in communities across the #UnitedStates. Lee discovered that Habitat for Humanity owned the lot that once belonged to her family and initially inquired about purchasing it.

Gage Yager, the CEO of Trinity Habitat for Humanity and a friend of Lee's for three decades, decided to offer her the land as a gift instead. Furthermore, Habitat for Humanity plans to construct a new home for Opal Lee on the same lot. Lee expressed her joy at this gesture, saying, "I could have done a holy dance, I tell you."

The community has come together to support the construction of Lee's new home, providing both funding and labor skills. They broke ground on the project during a celebration of Lee's birthday in September. This act of kindness is seen as a way to counter the negativity of the past and contribute to a more positive narrative.

Lee is renowned for her tireless efforts to make #Juneteenth a national holiday and is often referred to as the Grandmother of Juneteenth. She has received numerous honors for her contributions to social justice, including being an honorary guest at the White House and a nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Link: Yahoo News


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