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Christopher Bailey Will Be Paid $4.75 Million By Los Angeles County After 2020 Beating By Police 

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors reached a $4.75 million settlement over the excessive use of force against Christopher Bailey. Following an encounter with sheriff's deputies in Inglewood, Bailey filed the lawsuit after suffering severe injuries, including permanent eye damage, missing teeth, and facial fractures. The lawsuit sought damages for battery, negligence, and violations of civil rights due to excessive and unreasonable force.

Bailey recounted that he was pulled over by two deputies while driving home from work, and they proceeded to assault him without apparent provocation. Additional deputies joined the altercation, with a total of six participating. The incident resulted in severe injuries, including the use of a Taser on Bailey. Despite claims of resisting arrest and reaching for a weapon, authorities did not recover any weapons from the scene. Under then district attorney Jackie Lacey at the time, Bailey was charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors, which were later reduced or dropped. Bailey pleaded no contest to the remaining charges.

The settlement in Bailey's case is part of a pattern of high-dollar payouts related to cases involving the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The county has faced substantial payouts in various cases, including last year's $47 million in settlements and an $8 million payment to the family of Andres Guardado. This year, a $13.5 million settlement and a $15 million court verdict were awarded to the family of Kobe Bryant over the unauthorized sharing of crash scene photos.

Currently, it is unknown if the deputies involved in Bailey's beating are still involved with the department.

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